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They Loved the Blog French Course

What I like best about the course is the conversations recorded at slow and normal speed. At the beginning, when I listened to the dialogues at normal speed, I was taken aback by how fast you speak as a French native. But after listening several times to the slow recordings, it became increasingly easy to understand the normal conversations the first time. I've started the 2nd part of the course recently, and now I can easily discern the "glided words" of the normal speed conversations.

Joe Gough
Joe Gough London, UK

I've taken French class at school for 5 years, and I must say this course is radically different than everything I had seen before. I've always struggled to pronounce French words but with the combination of your phonetic transcription and the audio recordings, I realized the pronunciation is actually very easy. I could really focus on the spoken language, and you made me discover so many oral expressions I had never heard about. So thanks a lot Simon!

Christina Lopez
Christina Lopez Nashville, USA